Attendance: group leaders



With version 2.0, special extended functions for training group leaders have been added.

For each group up to 10 additional data can be defined and provided with freely definable designations.

For each of the defined additional data types, the required value can then be entered for each group member.

Examples are for example the date of birth, the telephone number, the car registration number, the training level, the membership fee or whatever else is desired. This list of additional data can also be extended at any time later - even if members are already included in the group.

These additional data are also listed in the detailed group overview list, which can be called up at any time:

There the manager can easily see who was present when and how often, as well as the respective total numbers.

By sending the list as email or via WhatsApp you can easily print it out. The list can be as long as you like, but if it contains more than 30 events (depending on the number and size of the additional data) it is advisable to print it on DIN A3 landscape because of the readability of the printout. If not all member lines fit on one sheet, the heading is automatically repeated on the next page.

With the specifications max. members/page and max. events/page you can divide the HTML output into several pages, if otherwise the display on one page would be too small.

Defining and entering the additional data is freely usable for easy testing of the functions, as is using the overview list as such, so that you can check whether you want the function before buying it.

For the complete use of the overview list the activation of the pro version of the app is necessary - otherwise the list is reduced to 3 members.

The Pro-Version will be unlocked by inApp purchase. For this purpose, a button 'Buy Pro-Version' appears when selecting the list, if the activation has not yet taken place. When the button is clicked, the purchase request of the Google Play Store starts the inApp purchase.