Attendance: Data Backup



Although the mobile phone app Attendance does not require any form of authorization (including access to external memory), it does allow data backup for the groups and their content. This can be important when installing the app on another phone. Even when reinstalling on the original mobile phone, all app data is automatically deleted during the previous uninstallation.

2 mechanisms are used for saving :

  • Send all groups as CSV files by e-mail as an attachment or
  • Save copies of all groups as CSV files in the phone's public app store

Both procedures are selected from the start menu and do not require any further information.

Restoring backed up groups and their contents is always done from the public app memory of the mobile phone, and always for all groups found there. This process is also selected from the start menu. Groups whose name already exists are never overwritten - a new group is then created with an underscore before the name when restoring.

Since the public app memory is accessible both for file manager in the mobile phone and when the mobile phone is connected to a PC via USB, the backed up group contents can be transported in this way.

If a new installation of the app is desired, the following sequence must be followed :

  1. save all group data or send by e-mail in the app
  2. copy CSV files from the public App store to another location
  3. Uninstall / reinstall
  4. Copy CSV files back to the public app store
  5. restore the group data in the app

In the Pro version, the synchronization mechanism can also be used for data backup (even if there are not several editors), whereby a backup is stored on the server in each case.