Attendance: Statistics


Displaying statistics

Within each statistic display, the static menu at the top right of each statistic can be used to select another statistic for the same group.

The detailed group overview list, which is particularly interesting for all traininggroup leaders, is described separately, although it is also displayed in this submenu.

With the visible statistics can be sent directly by e-mail, Whatsapp or similar. It is written to an HTML file, which is then sent as an attachment.

The respective (time) sorting sequence can be reversed with kann die jeweilige (zeitliche) Sortierreihenfolge umgekehrt werden. By default, the elements are displayed in the order old-new, i. e. the oldest element as the topmost element.

For all statistics (except of course for the participation statistics) every visible event can be displayed in detail by clicking and can also be changed.