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Attendance list management

With the mobile phone app Attendance you can easily keep attendance lists for any number of groups with any number of members and any number of meetings/events.

With particularly fast accesses, new events can be created or existing ones corrected with the attendees present. Via the available events, meaningful statistics can be displayed and shared by e-mail, via Whatsapp or similar.

All data is stored locally on the mobile phone and can be edited offline.

The app is completely free of charge and still ad-free. It only needs Internet permissions.

Special extended functions for training group leaders can be used free of charge, but their output in the group overview list is limited to 3 members without the activation of the Pro version for a fee (inApp - purchase).

Synchronization mechanisms are also only available in the Pro version, with the help of which several training group leaders can, for example, alternately edit the same groups on a daily basis.

This app is currently available for Android mobile phone and Android table.